Kill The Captain

Your Own King EP

Written by: PP on 29/03/2011 19:56:39

Heads up scene/metalcore fans, here's a band called Kill The Captain from Yorkshire, UK, which originally featured vocalist Danny and bassist Sam from Asking Alexandria before they left the outfit in 2008 to form said band. The story does not say why, but let it be said that while Kill The Captain certainly do inherit certain aspects of the Asking Alexandria sound, they are by no means as dumbed down and breakdown obsessed. "Your Own King" contains seven tracks (six+intro) that serve as the debut of the band, with an all new crew gathered by remaining members Edd and Andy after the first lineup split.

Aside from AA, Kill The Captain have also drawn comparisons to UK metalcore giants Bring Me The Horizon as well as The Devil Wears Prada from the opposite side of the pond. If you ask me, Kill The Captain simplify the sound of all three bands into an unapologetically no-frills metalcore sound, which means a ton of catchy hooks, tapped leads, whiny emo/clean vocal choruses and that sort of thing sitting in between the genre-required stop/start breakdowns. The band utilizes both a high pitch shrieker and a deeper growler for the screaming department, giving the songs some much needed variety.

The key question, however, is whether it's enough to elevate Kill The Captain above or on par to the wealth of contemporary metalcore/screamo bands around. A song like "As I Said" is ultra catchy with superb clean/scream contrast during the chorus, and racy and slick lead guitars elsewhere, contending 'yes' as the answer. As the EP progresses further, however, there are a few more anonymous, almost generic metalcore tracks that basically recite everything that's been done in the genre for the last five or six years. So I'll let you be the judge, and go with a decent grade for now.

Download: As I Said, Final Prayer
For the fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria
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Release date 14.03.2011

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