Dark & Spiteful

Written by: PP on 29/03/2011 19:22:52

I'm not usually one to give acclaim to macho outfits, but something about Plector's muscular and thick death/thrash combo just sounds so manly I can't help but develop some kind of male affection for it. I suspect it's the combination of the awesomely edgy-yet-muddy guitar tone full of macho melody, reminiscent of the melodic death metal masters Enter My Silence on "Coordinate: D1SA5T3R", and the gruff lead vocals which sound outright dominating on the album. Think Six Feet Under here.

"Dark & Spiteful" is just their debut album, but yet Plector display solid compositional skills that manifest in interesting songs and creative melodies despite the deatht/thrash combo tag. Most importantly, Plector don't really sound like any other thrash metal band for the reasons outlined above. Their slow to medium-tempo and heavy approach to instrumentation somehow integrates lots of melody in the process, which has the effect of softening their sound. This is rather paradoxical, because while the sound is all macho and unsophisticated (caveman-like), self-production means there's a distinct lack of brutality and a distinct flavor of melody. This should make a ton of metalheads cringe in response, but for the rest of us Plector offer an interesting twist to the usually cliché and generic efforts we hear in the genre these days.

Sure, Six Feet Under is the first name you think of when referencing such rollicking thrash metal as Plector, then comes the likes of old Sepultura given the macho vibes of the album, but that doesn't change the fact that "Dark & Spiteful" is an enjoyable record, as long as you're willing to accept a lack of brutality and lightning speed usually associated with thrash metal.


Download: Emotions Decline, Spiteful Love
For the fans of: Six Feet Under, Sepultura, The Cavalera Conspiracy
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Release date 12.01.2011
Discouraged Records

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