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While they were still together, Hereford, UK-based Bayonets were a band that couldn't have had very many fans. A conclusion I draw because I purchased their second record "Bayonets" in a 'Pay What You Want' deal a little while ago, and soon after received an email from the band, letting me know that because I was among those who paid the most, I had 'won' a free tshirt to go with my digital download. This was sort of sad, because I had paid only five dollars or so for the download, and I'm quite sure sending me a tshirt from the UK cost the band more in postage.

To offer some sort of payback, I decided to review the record, but I admit that I've been dragging my feet a bit. Mostly because I don't think the band will mind, what with them breaking up somewhere between the recording and the release of this self-titled opus. On it the band sounds like a cross between brit-rock and American 90's alternative, which means somewhat like The Xcerts, which in turn means somewhat like latter Brand New material.

The good news is that with such references, there's little chance for you to be awful, yet while I notice a tightening of the song-structures compared to the band's prior record "Wishes & Wishes", it strikes me that "Bayonets" actually have less of an impacts in its stand-out moments. I guess it's a moot issue, what with seeing reviewer's call this a masterpiece and then seeing it have only 34 likes on bandcamp, but in my personal opinion, while songs like "Thirty Eight" and "Cash In Kids/Kids Cash In" have moments that tickle the recognition, none of them seem as memorable as did the highlights of "Wishes & Wishes".

Overall though, this record is not that much different from the last one, especially not in the aspect that both were records showcasing a band that had some promise to it. Now, I'd lament the fact that we never saw this promise delivered, but the question is if Bayonets hadn't already been overtaken by the rise of The Xcerts even before they called it a day - Either way,I will however recommend this music for what it is, to those of you who don't mind getting into bands whom you have little hope of ever seeing live.


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For The Fans Of: The Xcerts, Brand New, Wolves & Machines

Release Date 20.09.2010
Walnut Tree Records

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