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Fin! Fin! Fin!

Written by: TL on 26/03/2011 21:09:01

Speaking of bands that are still rather low-profile, here we have a debut single "Fin! Fin! Fin!" from UK quartet From A City In Ruins. The record contains the title track as well as a second track called "Introverts", and judging from the up-beat energy and sparkling riffage of both tracks, I am compelled to compare the sound to that of British contemporaries such as The New Loud, Klaxons and The Automatic.

Both songs power through their circa three minutes and forty five seconds of length, riding a steady beat and busily showcasing the band's first attempts at signature riffage, while the lead singer deploys a rather typical, British indie/punk shout. Frankly, while danceable, none of the stuff on here strikes me as being overly original, nor very interesting.

Whether or not the songs are good or bad though, I must question the decision to release a single as a debut. Even disregarding my usual dislike for the single format, it's still very difficult for a listener to get any sort of real understanding of a new band's personality, from only two songs - And even more so when those two songs are so similar in expression. All things considered, "Fin! Fin! Fin!" appears a slightly pointless release, from a band that definitely needs to put some more eggs in the proverbial basket, before they'll come off as anything but dead average.

Download: Fin! Fin! Fin!, Introverts
For The Fans Of: The New Loud, Klaxons, The Automatic, Foals

Release Date 04.04.2011

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