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Fronte Del Sacco

Written by: PP on 17/03/2011 05:17:05

Plakkagio HC are an Oi! / street punk band from a city called Collaferro (Rome province) who sing all their songs in Italian. Uh-oh, street punk is one of the genres where lyrical content is such an important part of the music for it to be enjoyed properly because it is so simple in nature, and Plakkagio HC have opted to sing all in Italian. I foresee absolutely no success outside of their country for this reason alone.

Musically, the band follows the very standard street punk formula. Rough, gargling vocal work, simple chord based riffs, and a ton of woo-hoo style gang vocals on the background. Sounds like Discipline, Wisdom In Chains or Bulldog Courage, maybe even Cock Sparrer? That is correct, however, the melodies on "Fronte Del Sacco" are in no way comparable to classic Discipline or Cock Sparrer. There's a decent amount of drunken sing-a-long involved in songs like "Granito" and "Engage", but the vast remainder of the record is boring. A big part of this is the language barrier, of course, but the more hardcore oriented pieces like "War Black Metal Edge" frankly aren't very interesting songs. I don't enjoy being harsh, but "Fronte Del Sacco" is an awful album even in as simplistic genre as street punk.


Download: Engage, Granito
For the fans of: Discipline, Bulldog Courage
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Release date 2009

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