Broken Hand Charity

Simplified Symphony EP

Written by: PP on 17/03/2011 04:26:52

The modern radio rock / hard rock movement never really took off in Denmark while the likes of Creed, Nickelback and Default have soldiered on overseas for over a decade now in mainstream recognition. As a result, the music by the few bands we have that follow in similar footsteps lacks the cocky and arrogant vibe that surrounds every single one of these bands in the states. That's good, because it allows for a more personalized and individual sound rather than the assembly line style identikit bands that the major labels spit out on the other side of the pond year after year.

This personal and down-to-earth feeling appears throughout the five-track debut EP "Simplified Symphony" by Copenhagen alt rockers Broken Hand Charity. The songs are melancholic and emotional, with plenty of distress placed on the vocals to make them sound slightly despaired. The riffs are still consciously big and fit the definition of sizable hard rock riffs in every way, which also means that the songwriting is somewhat predictable. But not every band needs to be experimental or even creative to be good. Now if this description brings to mind fellow Copenhagen unit Silence Of September, you're absolutely right because they are the closest match to Broken Hand Charity's music alongside Christian rock bands like Creed. That's not to imply BHC are Christian, by the way, just that their musical style is very similar.

There are also hints of classic rock in places, with progressive buildups to climaxing choruses where the vocal melodies soar upwards, almost breaking to a scream but always staying on the safer side of the scratchy territory. One thing all five tracks do have in common is that they have potential for some sing alongs, but they aren't immediately designed for that purpose alone (Nickelback anyone?). They have enough depth to sustain themselves, thanks to that personal feeling I was talking about earlier, and that's why "Simplified Symphony" is a solid release in the genre. Looking forward to hearing a full length one day.


Download: Tracking Stains, Confess
For the fans of: Creed, Silence Of September,
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Release date 18.01.2011

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