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Disturbing The Silence EP

Written by: PP on 17/03/2011 03:53:13

Copenhagen skate punkers Losing Must first released an infectiously catchy demo back in 2009 which was plagued by bad production. Then came last year's "Reclaiming Yesterday EP", which improved big time in terms of production but lagged behind in terms of songwriting in comparison. "Disturbing The Silence" is their third EP so far, and the first one where the catchy songwriting finally combines together with good production for a release that's undeniably the best overall effort we've seen from these guys so far.

EP opener "Collateral Damage" is the best song the band has written to date. It kicks off with a slick riff rich in melody that resembles "Pennybridge Pioneers"-era Millencolin. They've sounded a little like Millencolin in the past, but this is the song where the reference becomes obvious. That's not a bad thing by any means, as the verses and the chorus are awesome, easily the catchiest stuff I've heard from this band. The solo is great, too.

"Superstitious" doesn't lack in riffing either, sporting yet another solid skate punk riff drenched in bright melody, faithfully following the genre heritage to the letter. The vocals are still so-so overall - they feel a little forced and difficult in places - but at least the melodies are catchy with instantly memorable choruses.

The production is, in my opinion, great for a small release. The mixing is good, consciously leaving out most of the polish, which gives the guitars a nice melodic ring that works as the red thread throughout the EP. I'm liking it, thumbs up from here.

All four songs are a big step up from their previous material. The songwriting has improved to the point that as long as you like skate punk, you'll be bobbing your head, humming the melodies and singing along in no time. Overall, "Disturbing The Silence" feels like a finished product, which is a first for this band so far. The awesome artwork already hints at that.


Download: Collateral Damage, Superstitious
For the fans of: Millencolin, Pennywise, Uncommonmenfrommars
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Release date 14.01.2011

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