Encephalic Oppressions

Written by: GR on 15/03/2011 23:41:05

Do you remember 2009? Obama becoming President? Michael Jackson dying? Listening to a demo by a Slovenian thrash metal band? No? Well, I'm here to acquaint you with the latter at least, by introducing Thraw and "Encephalic Oppressions" from that year. Forming in 2006 and releasing two previous demos before this one, the Slovenian four-piece are putting in the ground work like so many of their 'thrash-revival' peers.

What, then, do they have to offer to the crowded marketplace? Well, considering this is a demo, something fairly impressive in fact. No, there's nothing groundbreaking to be found here, but Thraw dish up a tight and technical take on old school thrash metal that makes for a worthwhile listen. The five tracks are broadly similar in style, full of whiffs of countless genre cornerstones both American and Germanic, all filtered through a technical and melodic approach that injects the odd hint of prime Death.

The song-writing is pretty strong and consistent, the production job decent and execution tight. For big fans of the genre "Encephalic Oppressions" is worth checking out and fits in nicely with the releases from the world of unsigned thrash in recent years. I'd suggest the step up from demo to album is one that Thraw are certainly ready for if they can write more songs like these whilst refining their style further.


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Release Date 2009

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