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A State Of Mind

Written by: TL on 13/03/2011 18:24:40

From Tamworth, UK, Rockfreaks.net has been sent the EP "A State Of Mind" from self-proclaimed hard-rockers Lost In Vegas. These guys have been together for only a few years, and this is one of the EP, which was released in November last year, is one of their first recordings. Apart from them having a song featured as "Track Of The Day" in classic rock, there's really not a whole lot of history to them that needs fleshing out. So instead let's have a look at their record shall we?

Despite the attention from Classic Rock however, I would hardly say Lost In Vegas is a band that would appeal directly to that magazine's core readers. In fact, had these guys been around just a handful of years sooner, I wouldn't have hesitated to label them as 'modern rock', seeing as I find their sound to belong somewhere in the same area as those of for instance Hoobastank and Three Days Grace. Their driving riffage has that similar kind of pseudo-heavy quality, their beats are dominantly mid-tempo and their song has the typical scratchy power.

Playing this style faces you with two hurdles though: 1) 'modern hard rock' has not been in fashion for quite a while, and most music fans seem to find it somewhat dated these days 2) the bands that still play this style while remaining relatively successful, are almost exclusively veterans of the craft, backed by expensive productions, and they are hence quite hard to compete with.

From what I can hear, Lost In Vegas aren't too impressive, when trying to listen for things that would set the band apart from similar acts. Save for the occasional riff or solo that seems tasty, "A State Of Mind" is for the most part a rather predictable and heavy-handed affair, in which I find little to remember the band by, after this review is done and posted. The stand-out moment for me is "Chasing The Dragon", which is noticeable for its 80's style guitar parts, but I'd still be hard pressed to call it an awesome song. And despite what's been written so far, that's really the core issue. Sure it's a problem for Lost In Vegas, that they seemingly don't follow up on any of the interesting characteristics of their influences, classic or modern, but even that deficiency could have been overcome, if their songs hadn't all been as they are, rather average.

Download: Chasing The Dragon
For The Fans Of: Hoobastank, Three Days Grace
Listen: lostinvegas.co.uk

Release Date 01.11.2010
Lycan Records

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