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Demo 2010

Written by: PP on 11/03/2011 20:06:47

Okay I did not see this one coming. A small and unknown band called Tag Your Targets from just across the Øresunds bridge in Malmö releasing a pop punk/pop-hardcore EP with songs that I'll happily rate as some of the catchiest I've heard in the genre during the last year or so. They have only recorded three songs so far on a demo they released late last year, humbly titled as "Demo 2010", but if this is an example of what these guys sound like on their first demo, sign me up for a long back-catalogue of pop punk godhood, because once these guys get a proper producer and some more experience under the belt, your idea of a sweet, sweet sugar-coated chorus might just get a new definition.

There are pop-hardcore breakdowns and d-beat sections, but mostly Tag Your Targets engage in energetic and bouncy flavor of pop punk. The melodies are infectious during the choruses, you can't help but sing along to "This year...I'm doing something craaaazy" on the EP opener "New Year's Resolutions", and they are supported by bright and solid melodic guitar leads that drive the song home. It's simplistic, with one-line repeat chorus finishing the song off, but yet it'll stick like glue to your mind on first listen. The best song, however, has to be "Pack Your Knives And Go!", which is like straight out of With The Punches playbook with its crunchy guitar introduction. The vocals are explosive, and the big gang chants are placed impeccably well to give the song a high-energy boost and some oddly melancholic melody on the background. Given the self-production of the demo, the guitars are razor-sharp with plenty of edge around the corners, giving the song a raw and 'played-live' feel, much like the fantastic debut "Get Stoked On It!" from The Wonder Years. The other two songs are slightly more polished in comparison, and while they are good in their own right, the second song is undoubtedly the direction Tag Your Targets should be pursuing in the future. I won't keep you any longer considering it's just a three song demo, but lets just say that these Swedes have a bright future ahead of them if their new material is anywhere on par with the stuff on this demo EP.

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For the fans of: With The Punches, Set Your Goals, Handguns, The Wonder Years
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Release date 2010

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