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Written by: PP on 11/03/2011 19:46:57

Until the very moment I started writing this review, I was under the assumption that Everyone Everywhere were the Philadelphia-based original emo band referencing bands like Piebald, and had just radically changed their sound from slow, emotionally charged indie-flavored rock to punk fueled pop hardcore overnight. But alas, this was not the case and this version of Everyone Everywhere happens to originate from Canada, even though their vocalist does share a remarkable similarity to the other Everyone Everywhere dude due to his youthful, melodic voice with a hint of nostalgia in it. Time to change the name, perhaps, to save other people from the confusion?

"The Rookie" is their debut album, where the band takes the listener on a journey through The Wonder Years and/or Fireworks style melodic pop punk. Light, laid-back melodies are the order of the day with catchy choruses and the occasional gang shout and pop-hardcore breakdown thrown in for good measure. It's not as aggressive in terms of tempo and edge as the first The Wonder Years album, rather following in similar slower tempo and more polished sound as their sophomore. Not that they are identical by any means, because the vocals are much cleaner and songs somewhat cheesier (one song is called "This Song Is Definitely About A Girl"), but you can't escape the obvious similarity between the two bands' respective sounds.

There's a number of catchy sing-along tracks on offer, but as a whole "The Rookie" doesn't make strong enough of an impression to make it a lasting disc on your playlist. It recalls so many bands you've heard in the last two years alone that it struggles to form an identity and character for itself as a result. That being said, it's by no means a bad album. It's easily accessible, and likely to make you move your hips and join the sing along after just one listen. The real question just happens to be whether you'll still be listening to it in a couple of weeks' time.

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For the fans of: The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Gloria, Tag Your Targets
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Release date January 2011

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