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See How You Are

Written by: PP on 11/03/2011 05:31:28

California-based The Warriors open their fourth album "See How You Are" in such a promising manner. There's an overload on epic and grandeur, giving the soundscape lots of room to spread and overwhelm the listener, much in the vein of Dead Hearts on their brilliant album "Dead Verses". It's all down hill from here, though, to borrow a New Found Glory lyric.

For the remainder of "See How You Are", The Warriors proceed to imitate Comeback Kid from pre-"Broadcasting..." era. They slow things down to a medium tempo in an attempt to allow some breathing room for their metallic breed of hardcore, but aside from the gang-shouted chorus in the best song of the record "Pit Of Shame", there's not much to come after here. You can tell the band is going for an intense vocal delivery in the vein of This Is Hell, but they fail to add the needed melody layers or other songwriting quirks to attract the listener across a whole album, rather than just a couple of songs.

Ultimately, "See How You Are" isn't awful or even generic when it comes to hardcore. The Warriors have a potentially interesting and grabbing take on the genre with their slowed-down, screamed approach, but unfortunately they fail to capitalize on their originality, resulting in forgettable hardcore release that'll entertain you for a couple of listens, but not much more than that.


Download: Pit Of Shame, See How You Are, Mental Chains
For the fans of: Comeback Kid, This Is Hell
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Release date 15.02.2011
Victory Records

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