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The Antikaroshi is a three-piece originating from east Berlin, forming back in the days when their side's daily activities were more or less ruled by the Soviet Union. Although much time has passed since then, the culture of secretiveness brought by the brutal rule of the Stasi made a thorough impact on all art forms that existed back them, because should you say/paint/write/sing the wrong word, a lengthy prison sentence was upon you almost certainly.

That's something artists from all genres tried to work around back in the day, producing poetic and ambiguous output that was up to the listener to interpret in his own way, allowing the east Berliners (and the rest of the Soviet Union) a method to express their rebellious spirit through an art form. This is basically the background for The Antikaroshi, whose brand of electronic avant-garde rock is deeply rooted in their youth behind the iron curtain. For instance, "Bernays" is a song about a nephew of S. Freud, "Quandt" is a song about the BMW organisation, whereas "Josef" is a more modern, but still subtle reference to the monster known as Josef Fritzl to the rest of the world. All of these are a product of their upbringing where you had to circle around the real meanings of topics to be on the safe side.

Musically, the band uses post-rock vibes, math rock, and other experimental genres to create a complex, yet oddly 90s punk-and-hardcore based sound, one that's curious because of its quirky nature. You'll probably draw connections to bands like These Arms Are Snakes, Fugazi, At The Drive-In and the like, but the truth is The Antikaroshi's songwriting is nowhere near on the level of these guys. Their songs are merely interesting, but without the added draw of repeat-listening value. Lots of electronic effects and unique guitar arrangements characterise "Per/Son/Alien", but not enough to make a difference, I'm afraid.

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Release date 27.09.2010
Exile On Mainstream

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