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The Emo Diaries, Chapter 12; I Love You But In The End I Will Destroy You

Written by: TL on 08/03/2011 15:59:21

Under normal circumstances, I can't stand compilation records, with the exception of 'Greatest Hits'-type albums from bands with such mammoth-discographies that newcomers don't know where to start with them. I can't stand listening to a good song and not having some knowledge or relation to the album it comes from, which is why I flat out dislike the single format as well. So, not knowing the series "The Emo Diaries", I pretty much expected this new edition to be a way for Deep Elm to sample a parade of Mineral-soundalike's in the name of the 90's revival.

Turns out, as usual, that I should do my homework. "The Emo Diaries" as a series has been released regularly between 1997 and 2007, with Deep Elm picking songs from an open submission pool, and the final selections appearing exclusively on these records. Bands from all corners of both emo, indie, alternative and electro have been exposed this this way, and despite a four year break, this new installment of the series is no difference, as it proves to be rich in both versatility and quality.

Personally I find the most appeal in the female-fronted offerings from Summer Hours and Dedicated To Dedications, "Still With Me" and "Strange Neighborhood", the latter of which opens the record with some great singing and classy arrangements of classical instruments. I'm also surprised to hear how good Nathaniel Sutton sounds on his contribution "Far More", and at the same time not at all surprised to hear Late Night Condition put in an enjoyable tune. Other bands that I haven't yet encountered, like Arms Around The Stereo, Ease The Medic and especially The Dandelion War, also put in strong showings respectively with "It's Good To Have Options", "Churchill's Down" and "Wonder".

Overall though, the artists showcased are quite an eclectic and interesting ensemble, and while I admit my attention drifts a bit during the more post-rock-ish additions from the likes of Goonies Never Say Die, I love the fact each artist has contributed a song exclusively for this compilation, effectively giving you a better feeling of cohesion, which wouldn't have been here I think, had the songs merely been singles picked off various albums. So while I may hate compilations in general, I think I might have to recognize that this is how to do them right, while I start thinking about checking the previous issues.


Download: Strange Neighborhood (by Dedicated To Dedications), Wonders (by The Dandelion War), Far More (by Nathaniel Sutton),
For The Fans Of: underground indie, punk and emo bands, only loosely connected to the latter term
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Release Date 18.01.2011
Deep Elm Records

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