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Written by: TL on 05/09/2006 00:04:36

Heeeeello. It’s me again, long overdue (this time more the fault of extremely lately received promos than my own lazyness) telling you all you need to know about Arizona screamo act Versus The Mirror and their debut full length “Home”.

Unfortunately for all you sound-hungry screamo-lovers out there, what you need to know isn’t that frightfully much this time around. Think Alexisonfire or especially UnderOATH, and you’re already halfway there. Now, had you been all the way there, the record couldn’t really be half bad (all thoughts of originality thrown aside). That is however not the case, and to clarify things a bit, Home is 12 tracks of everything you’d expect from your average screamo band. Songs are melodic up tempo staging areas for soared screams the way I know you love to hear them, carving their way through breakdown upon breakdown. Throw in some atmospheric passages (the reason you we’re thinking of Alexisonfire for just a second there) and well.. Now you’re there.

Now, I realize how superficial my description of the albums’ sound just was, but that’s because what you really need to know about it is this: The instrumentation on this record shows SERIOUS promise. If you care to listen there are REALLY nice passages spread out all over the place, and in point of fact, vocals aren’t far behind in performance. The screams are really nice, but they suffer from one DOMINATING issue. They ALL sound alike. Throughout this record there is NO diversity in vocal delivery, and as every emo/screamo enthusiast knows, dynamics is the key when trying to make a song flow and give it character. Versus The Mirror comes nowhere near succeeding at this, and that’s a damn shame. If you really, REALLY listen, there’s so much promising stuff on this cd, only you don’t really feel like listening, because you have to listen so extremely carefully to be able to distinguish one song from another here.

Versus The Mirror needs to find some way to add more distinct personalities to each song, and though I’m not going to say, that the only way of doing so, is by changing the vocals, it is an inescapable fact, that it is the most obvious way of making some progress.


Download: Birthed By Architecture, Barracuda Capital Of The World
For the fans of: UnderOATH, Alexisonfire
Listen: MySpace

Release date 18.04.2006
Equal Vision
Provided by Target ApS

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