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Golden Tanks EP

Written by: AP on 05/03/2011 11:56:39

With their name extracted from a Cancer Bats song, Golden Tanks are certainly not trying to obscure their influences. Indeed, a less enthusiastic listener might be compelled to sum up the Reading-based hardcore unit's debut EP in one sentence that mentions an overt and unashamed admiration for their Canadian peers; one that translates into a meticulous, note-by-note reproduction of the Bats' sound. It would save a lot of typing time to succumb to first impressions, but alas, despite the obvious similarities Golden Tanks have managed to give the sound some British colour.

Like Cancer Bats, who are stern followers of the blues n' hardcore movement, Golden Tanks approach the genre with a sense of youthful exuberance. The songs are simple punk n' roll bashings loaded with soulful groove; not the most original of imaginings, but charged with enough energy to maintain a choking intensity throughout. It is this radiant enthusiasm that sets Golden Tanks apart and not the raging vocals (which are unsurprisingly reminiscent of Liam Cormier's), rampant guitars or bludgeoning rhythm section. This self-titled EP is the sound of a band playing music just because; a heady dose of rock n' roll nonchalance that has the enviable quality of sounding slightly unhinged and out-of-control thanks to clever prudction, giving it the edge-of-the-seat factor that British hardcore prides itself on.

With 13 minutes to make do and mend, Golden Tanks are not keen on releasing the accelerator, so there is naturally little setting "The Flag", "Mace", "Midas Touch" and "Dead Strings" apart from one another. It's a quick fix of pure, unadulterated punk rock fury delivered at a breakneck tempo and peppered attitude; the kind that thrives in the live arena. Once Golden Tanks step out of the shadow of their influences and carve their own niche, the result will be explosive.


Download: The Flag, Mace, Midas Touch, Dead Strings
For the fans of: The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die, Gallows
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Release date ??.??.2010
** Unsigned band **

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