The Devil's Sunday Best

Timebomb EP

Written by: PP on 05/03/2011 04:23:43

It takes but a single listen to "Timebomb EP", the first demo release by The Devil's Sunday Best to establish the approximate area this quartet originates from. Their bright brand of acoustic pop rock carries enough surf & beach rock flavor to make one instantly imagine the blue skies and sunny beaches of California, where every individual is care free, sipping on juicy cocktails in the shadow of palm trees while awaiting a suitable swell for a late afternoon surfing session. Or so the stereotype in my head goes, but that's the sort of scenery you'll imagine by default when listening to these guys.

From minimalistic and quiet songs to loud, punked up acoustic rockers (think a non-pissed off Frank Turner), The Devil's Sunday Best explore a number of genres and styles associated with singer-songwriter, acoustic indie and pop rock. The overall sound is exceedingly chilled out and relaxed, relying on easy-going pop melodies to give that distinct California vibe and the landscape of sunshine, warmth, surfing beaches, hot chicks in bikinis and so forth. You'll hear some similarities to Iron & Wine, but the one artist that I think has been the main influence is Jack Johnson. With his extremely relaxed Roskilde Festival show in fresh memory, I remember people laying down on their backs on the big grass field in front of Orange Stage, bathing in sunshine while enjoying simple, surf-themed acoustic pop, creating a mood and atmosphere that's very similar to the one formed by "Timebomb" EP. With songs like "I Can't Seem To Get You Off My Mind", this band has potential to go far should their demo be heard by the right ears.

Download: I Can't Seem To Get You Off My Mind, Go Ugly Girl Go
For the fans of: Jack Johnson, Iron & Wine
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Release date 18.09.2010

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