Kiss Of Death

Written by: PH on 28/08/2006 15:31:46

"If you think you're too old for rock'n'roll, you're simply too old". That quote can only be connected with Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister and his autobiography "White Line Fever". The quote hits the spot when talking about Motörhead, because even though they have turned 60, they continue to produce rock'n'roll in its purest form. These guys could just as well be half that age, it isn't noticeable that they are that old at all, though Lemmy's always-rusty voice might play a big part on that.

Motörhead has taken it a custom to release an album about once every two years, and only very few songs ever fall short of expectations. On their newest effort "Kiss Of Death" the style has become slightly more melodic compared to their latest release "Inferno", yet it's still the same noisy metallic rock'n'roll, which everyone will no doubt recognize as the quintessential Motörhead.

The album is opened by a perfect demonstration of how to make a fast paced killer song. "Sucker" leads your thoughts towards the classic "Ace Of Spades". The next few songs keep up the same renowned quality, but the songs vary and don't sound the least bit alike, which is seen far too seldomly these days. After reading this, you're likely end up quite surprised over Motörhead's inclusion of a ballad, or at least close to one, on the record; "God Was Never On Your Side" shows that Lemmy actually can sing (it would be pretentious to say that he is an incredible vocalist, albeit character isn't something he lacks at all). So many people who thought his voice was constantly rusty and scratched may be disappointed. Yet it still contains a fairly good solo, but quite frankly nothing worth writing home about.

Now I didn't know what to expect from the remaining songs, but luckily they all turned out to be like we all know Motörhead: Loud and noisy with highlights like "Christine".

It's difficult to grade this album, since they bring nothing new onto the table, but why should they, when they're good at what they are doing? An uplifting and a good record.

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Release date 28.08.2006
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