Engage The Mechanicality

Written by: MST on 03/03/2011 17:55:57

Diskreet is the type of death metal band that borders on being called deathcore. Engage The Mechanicality is modern death metal and contains everything that the genre usually contains: furiously blasting drums, eviscerating dual-guitar riffs, a crystal clear production that makes everything audible without ruining anything and vocals that are mostly growls and guttural grunts, but also contain screams reminiscent of Kataklysm's Maurizio Iacono, especially in “Graves”, and of Job For A Cowboy's Jonny Davy. Speaking of the vocals, I quite like the growls of front man Stephen Babcock. They remind me of The Faceless, but while the growls of said tech-deathcore band have been accused of being monotonous, Diskreet's growls never disappoint me. Babcock is able to go completely guttural while still being able to pronounce every word perfectly, and I love it.

I've changed my mind about Diskreet countless times. At first I thought they sounded interesting, then I found them to be boring in the long run, but then I discovered the gems in this album. This is not a perfect album; there are average songs that blend in with the rest of them and become uninteresting, but when Diskreet are good, they're good. Songs like "Spinal Cord Collection" and "Bishop of War" are excellent songs with great guitar riffs, the aforementioned vocals that are just the way I want them to be and compositions that keep you interested throughout the entirety of the song. "Bishop of War" pummels away with varying drum tempos and great guitar riffs, and the lead guitar sometimes turns the already great guitar riff into a long, almost tech-death-esque solo-like riff which is accompanied by the vocals singing the chorus: "The Bishop of War returns!".

Unfortunately only about half of the album is that interesting. The rest of the album seems rushed, as if all their good ideas were spent and they just needed fillers. Fillers ruin an otherwise great album. Here I'm talking about songs like "We Are Legion" and "Human Harvest" which are way too predictable to provide anything special to the album.

It’s a shame that the last part of the album didn’t continue in the vein of quality that the first part did, because as I nod my head to the first four songs (not counting the pointless intro) I feel like the album is in the Very Good end of the rating scale. Unfortunately, most of the songs in the second half of the album simply don’t belong in that end of the spectrum.

Download: Serpents Tongue, Spinal Cord Collection, Bishop of War
For The Fans Of: The Faceless, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Job For A Cowboy
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Release date 06.09.2010
Siege of Amida Records

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