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Adventures In Poverty

Written by: PP on 02/03/2011 22:27:02

Los Angeles based We're Not Afraid are on an unusual route for an American band, in that their first record deal is with a Japanese major label, but yet they're struggling to find a label in their homeland. They figured not to wait any longer in search of a local home, and DIY released "Adventures In Poverty" earlier this year to get it out there for their fans. I'm happy they chose to do so, given how closely they align to my tastes. Their main sound lands safely on the runway for both melodic punk and skate punk, but the approach is original enough to warrant a second look.

Or how does the following sound: my initial notes mentioned references to bands as varied as Bayside, Strung Out, AFI and Rise Against, with a metaphorical underline accompanying the phrase "this is what I'd expect from a Bayside/Strung Out side project". Most songs have a high-octane tempo in the usual skate punk spirit, but the emotionally charged, slightly nostalgic and melancholic singing style of their vocalist will undeniably bring into mind Anthony Raneri from Bayside. Then you also have songs like "Back To Life" and "One Man Economy" who sport distant gang shouts in the vein of AFI from "Sing The Sorrow" era, and d-beat punk rockers like "Casual Ties" that lean more towards a less technical Strung Out. A few songs will also sound remarkably similar to mid-era Rise Against in the guitar department, though We're Not Afraid don't sound aggressive at any point.

It's quite a combination of sounds and influences, but it works to We're Not Afraid's advantage. The resulting album "Adventures In Poverty" is one with lots of instantly memorable moments, and a more or less original sound that's not as much a carbon copy of the originals as it is a project building on its influences and succeeding in creating a sound that's their own. It's not without flaws, but don't come in telling me "Closed Eye Drive" isn't a great song, and considering there are lots more where that one came from, I'll happily award this a high rating of

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For the fans of: Bayside, AFI, Strung Out
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Release date 17.01.2011
Radtone Music

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