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Radio friendly modern hard rock is one of the genres that the major labels in America have fallen in love with during the last decade or so, spitting out one hard-hitting, arena-sized band after another on a yearly basis, and why shouldn't they, when the (especially southern state) people are eating it up? Rev Theory is one of the big success stories from the last couple of years after the stream of Puddle Of Mudds and Nickelbacks dried up, selling over 100,000 copies of their second album "Light It Up", an impressive amount in today's recording climate. That was back in 2008. Three years later, Rev Theory is ready with their third opus, "Justice" which picks off exactly where "Light It Up" left off.

If predictable radio rock with a couple of pseudo heavy riffs is your thing, then by all means, run up to the record store and buy a copy of "Justice". But you should also be aware that it's yet another carbon copy of the big American modern rock thing, the sound that has been triumphantly pounding on and on in the Billboard Modern Rock charts for over a decade now. Rev Theory may belong to the harder end of that bunch, but unfortunately their entire career is based on ripping off the latest few Papa Roach albums, except without the cheeky attitude and overflowing confidence of Jacoby Shaddix at the forefront.

That's not to say that the Rev Theory vocalist Rich Luzzi isn't good at his trade. "Hangman" and "Dead In A Grave" already prove that much with anthemic choruses and smoke/whiskey-drenched southern verses perfectly fit for the next WWE theme song. It's just that the whole macho rock sound has been done to death so many times in a row now that it's difficult to be impressed by anything else than a dozen songs all on par with something like "It's Been A While" by Staind. Keeping that in mind, Rev Theory aren't necessarily awful, they're just very, very average compared to the more established names in the genre.

Download: Hangman, Wicked Wonderland, Dead In A Grave
For the fans of: Papa Roach, Nickelback, Hinder
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Release date 15.02.2011

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