Destroyers Of The Faith

Written by: EW on 26/02/2011 17:26:32

Resilient as ever, doom marches on into it's 42nd year and counting and shows no sign of abating. This debut album from Chilean's Procession actually came out at the tail end of last year but I thus now only review it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: doom metal, on average, manages a much higher quality of release than any other metal scene. There's something about the dyed-in-the-wool trueness of it's main progenitors and the honesty which is vital in the making of an even respectable album that not only ensures the genre has lived on this long, but that it also holds infinitely more relevance than every image-obsessed 'core' genre under the sun. Taking their cue from those who've come before them, Procession hammer out a Reverend Bizarre/Candlemass/Count Raven/epic Bathory version of the genre, ultimately sounding not unlike some of the other doom worshippers out there (Doomshine, Dawn of Winter etc). After the proud intro of "Hyperion", the upbeat "Destroyers Of The Faith" is a dominating mark laid down early on, melded from the fires of RevBiz's monolithic final effort, "So Long Suckers". "The Road To The Gravegarden" is an altogether slower, more plodding effort, even reaching a point of total standstill in the second half of its 10 minutes before bounding back into the life with a solid doom riff and rhythm, accentuating by it's wonderful bass sound and distinct g/b/d production.

Through the album's thoroughly listenable 47 minutes it is the impassioned, clean vocals of Felipe Plaza Kutzbach that are without doubt the band's strongest card. Like Pat Walker (Warning) and Albert Witchfinder (RevBiz), Kutzbach could breathe life into even the most turgid of affairs, though thankfully the compelling riffs of "Tomb Of Doom" and "White Coffin" merely allow for his vivid connection with the feel of the music to set Procession apart from others in the second division of doom. Kutzbach, not withstanding the impressively high standard maintained across all 6 songs, suggest that "Destroyers Of The Faith" is the first real step on the path of success for a band intent on keeping it true at all costs. Doom or be doomed!


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For The Fans Of: Reverend Bizarre, Warning, Count Raven - DOOM
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Release date: 08.12.2010
Doomentia Records

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