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Lost Generation EP

Written by: DR on 21/02/2011 18:58:07

"Why won't those kids go away?" is the first thought Broadcast Sea present to you on their second release "Lost Generation" in opening track of the same name. It doesn't take too much to deduce what kids in what scene they're pissed at - to the point of hailing them all as 'lost' in the swamp of trends, Myspace, etc., and copying one another over and over ad infinitum to the point where it's difficult to spot which bands are truly passionate, and which bands, to put it very kindly, are not.

Yes, Broadcast Sea quite obviously grew up schooled in (post-)hardcore. Echoes of Hot Water Music, Bear vs Shark, Helmet and Glassjaw all combine to create an angry cocktail best served loud. The riffs are at times grunge-influenced - even dirty - only for them to effortlessly transit into heavy pounding that'll knock your fringe right off, while the bass has its own character, adding a thickness to their sound. Their handle on the loud/quiet instrumentation means that the 24 minutes and six songs flow effortlessly. This is all very well, but what sells (as it were - they're giving it away for free) this release is the vocal performance of Sterling Cash.

To claim he is merely ardent would be something of an understatement. A lot of the time he has the eccentric, semi-to-no-holds-barred aggression akin to Marc Paffi (Bear vs. Shark), but then there are moments, like towards the end of "Duffel Bag", he unleashes something else and ends up shrieking: shades of Daryl Palumbo. Cash exercies a restraint over his voice; despite a lot of the time sounding as though he has no regard for the well-being of his vocal chords, the moments when he chooses to scream or shout are astutely-judged, usually to match the sudden intensity of the musicianship.

"All of you are fake!" they cry. Something this band cannot be accused of, because, whether you like them or not, and whether you share their disillusionment or not, at least they're fucking real.


Download: Duffel Bag, Lost Generation
For The Fans of: Bear vs Shark, Down To Earth, Glassjaw, Victor! Fix The Sun, Hot Water Music
Listen: Bandcamp (free download)

Release Date 11.01.2011

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