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Kids Icarus EP

Written by: TL on 16/02/2011 23:49:07

For all the while I've been listening to them, I thought this band was actually named after a classic video game character, and that this was pretty awesome. It's only now that I sit down to write about them, that I notice there's an extra S in Kids Icarus, and now I don't know if the name has been chosen for completely different reasons.

Not that this is important, I just couldn't think of much else to say in the review of "Kids Icarus EP", by the quintet of the same name. And the reason I couldn't is that there a description of it can hardly be very long. The band is obviously and admittedly inspired by pop-hardcore acts like Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember, and have used this EP on what I call "faithful re-interpretation" rather than coming up with a particularly unique take on the genre.

This is manifested in four songs dominated by instrumentals both harsh and melodic, yet almost exclusively fast, and by vocals both clean and aggressive. For an early release, the recording is quite good and Kids Icarus deserve commendation for coming across with conviction, but when that's all said and done, I'd say they have some way to go as song-writers, before they'll truly command your attention. For now, their four tracks race by as music that, while enjoyable enough, stays very 'background' and hardly leaves much of an impression after the last notes fade.

So, overall, this is the kind of disc that could interest proven fans of its genre, but does too little to stand out to be likely to convert many newcomers. The kind that's a good place to start for a band with little recording experience, but will probably be seen in the future, as mostly a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Download: Down And Out, Firework
For The Fans Of: Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, Set Your Goals,

Release Date 09.01.2011

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