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Written by: TL on 16/02/2011 00:27:24

Now, I know that the majority of our readers don't too often dabble in the indie-rock neck of the woods, but those that do may remember the band Cold War Kids, who made themselves known a few years back, with the hit "Hang Me Up To Dry" from their debut LP "Robbers And Cowards".

Personally, I must admit that I don't remember much else from that record other than that song, but I remember the band being somewhat rougher, and noisier than is the case on their new "Mine Is Yours" LP. On here, the Long Beach quartet have cleaned up their soundscape to the point of sounding as nice and contemporary as the likes of Kings Of Leon or Delta Spirit, as can be heard not only in the instrumental department, but also in the singing, which sounds slightly fuller and cleaner this time around.

Not that this a bad thing by necessity, in fact I find quite a lot of things to like about "Mine Is Yours", as it is a well-produced record, which consistently shows off a knack for writing catchy choruses, as well as an attention to details and dynamics. All of these are things whose absence I often complain about in albums from both similar and completely different styles, so why you wonder, does it not sound like I'm backflipping off my chair with excitement and praise for this record?

Well, don't get me wrong, it's really enjoyable and by no means boring, but there's just something about it that keeps nagging me. Despite a number of memorable songs - especially "Bulldozer" and "Skip The Charades", but also "Mine Is Yours", "Finally Begin" and "Sensitive Kid" - other songs have me feeling like I'm listening to filler material. The impression I think stems from a feeling of a missing 'edge' to the sound. If there's one fatal flaw for this record, it is that it sounds almost too safe and comfortable, and with the songs titled very predictably in accordance with their choruses, I can't help but to air my slight suspiscion, that some producer or professional songwriter have been at work at smoothing Cold War Kids out somewhat.

Overall though, it doesn't exactly ruin the record, as much as it serves as a minor crack in my vision of the statue. You can still go a long way with a handful of catchy songs, you only eventually have to realize, that to really play with the big boys, you've got to put something at risk and show some attitude.

Download: Bulldozer, Skip The Charades, Mine Is Yours, Finally Begin
For The Fans Of: Kings Of Leon, Delta Spirit, Razorlight

Release Date 21.01.2011

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