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Last time I heard from the one-man-band Into It. Over It., I was reviewing the debut album "52 Weeks", which counted as many songs and was quite a mouthful. Hence I guess it's somewhat of a perfect balancing act, that the two next releases from the man behind the moniker - one Evan Weiss of Damiera fame - are split EP's on which he only offers two tracks of his own. On this one, Weiss presents two songs named after the cities in which they were written - and the remaining song on the album is contributed by Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate).

Their song, called "If We Had Found You Any Later, You Would Have Drowned", and opens up the disc on a melancholic note, setting a very traditional 90's emo-type mood that's very reminiscent of bands like Mineral and Joie De Vivre. I must admit, that by now I'm having a hard time telling bands like these apart, but for the time being, their style is just so easy on the ears that I think it will be a long while before we start talking about it as being dated or oversaturated.

As for the Into It. Over It. songs, we first have "Buffalo, NY", which is the one I prefer of the two, due to it's simplistic progression and somewhat catchy "I'll show you a decent time" refrain. As I've said elsewhere, this band is like a low-fi Death Cab For Cutie, or like a less poppy Paper The Operator, delivering an authentic-sounding kind of chilled out indie/emo, and "Buffalo, NY" is a rather perfect display of this. "Brenham, TX" is a bit different, upping the tempo and relying on a persistent vocal harmony and chord progression to bring Tigers Jaw to mind. The song is very simple though, and short of a little lead guitar entering the picture, it will feel the same from beginning to end, and likely leave you with little in terms of memorability.

That same thing could possibly be said about the whole EP though. It features two bands, the sound of whom it is hard not to like, but with less than five minutes of music from each, this is barely more than a single, and that from a pair of bands whose fans would probably swear to the album format. I for one would handily admit, that this is almost too little time for me to get immersed in the bands' music, so despite the quality and authenticity of this music, the overall release risks seeming a little pointless, to anyone but the avid collectors of these sorts of things.

Download: Buffalo, NY; If We Had Found You Any Later, You Would Have Drowned
For The Fans Of: Paper The Operator, Death Cab For Cutie, Mineral, Tigers Jaw,
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Release Date 12.10.2010
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