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Broken Heart Syndrome

Written by: TL on 13/02/2011 21:28:19

Awh man, goddamn all these Voodoo something titled bands. After recently reviewing both Voodoo Johnson and Voodoo Six, I was browsing our new promos one day, and immediately jumped at the chance to review what I thought was a new record from the latter of the two. Turns out I must have been hasty, because "Broken Heart Syndrome" is actually the second album from Voodoo Circle, whom I do however also have some experience with. The whole thing kind of makes me wonder how many Voodoo hard-rock bands the world really needs.

"At least one more", must have been the sentiment of this quintet when they assembled back in 2008, combining talent and experience from a plethora of proven German rock and metal bands (Silent Force, Primal Fear, Sinner and more). Given the members' credentials, it's really no surprise to find a very traditional and effective approach being made on this endeavour, which takes on the stylistics mainly of bluesy, classic rock. The similarly named Voodoo Six come to mind as a likely comparison, and as a Dane, a guy like Oliver Weers also offers likely contemporary reference.

So predictably, there's more than enough fiery riffage and soloing to go around, just as there is powerful singing. Somewhat less predictably, things have been coated in a very slick, modern production, making the sound delightfully crisp. That's the end of the good news however, because despite know-how and a good recording, Voodoo Circle are still plagued by exactly the same thing that hinders all of the many bands of their kind. Their music sounds like something that was written twenty years ago, and there isn't a moment where it seems like anyone has seen a problem in this. Considering the toe-cringing lyrics of songs like the title track, I feel almost obliged to ask why we should listen to this, rather than check out some of the bands that made this genre popular back in its heyday, when this one doesn't really seem to want to contribute anything of novelty or relevance?

The overall impression "Broken Heart Syndrome" gives me, is one of craftmanship, yet utter predictability, and even a handful of listens haven't done much to summon any sort of interest in me. It's the kind of record that will please - yet not surprise - long time fans of its hopelessly dated sound, while the rest of us can't but to scratch our heads and wonder why guys like these are still going at it?


Download: King Of Your Dreams
For The Fans Of: Oliver Weers, Voodoo Six, Pretty Maids
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Release Date 25.02.2010
AFM Records

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