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Written by: PP on 11/02/2011 06:51:16

A cassette! I didn't even know these still existed! Yet that's one of the many formats So Adult are releasing their debut EP "Rookie" in, probably for no other reason than to stick out from the crowd. I know that in the hipster (read: pretentious indie rock) circles receiving cassette-only releases isn't uncommon because apparently that's the "in" thing to do in 2011, but that doesn't change tha fact that it's fucking retarded to release a record in a format whose features include a) the smallest artwork and b) the lowest quality out of all possible formats available in 2011 short of a mobile phone multicast. Hmm, I wonder if anyone's ever tried that before.

Aside from my little intro rant there, So Adult are actually a very, very interesting bunch and "Rookie" is likewise an interesting record. Not only do they feature members of the Lifetime-obsessed melodic hardcore superheroes in Shook Ones, but these four tracks sound a great deal like a restrained version of The Distillers (I'm a big fan!). An interesting sidenote is how the vocalist's raspy voice sounds extremely similar to Brody Dalle's coarse groan even though it's a dude behind the vocals, although I think that says more about Dalle than this guy. Stylistically you could imagine songs from "Sing Sing Death House" or "Coral Fang" interpreted in half the tempo, giving a more relaxed and chilled-out mood to the songs that for some God's forsaken reason reminds me of a punk version to Hole's "Celebrity Skin" record.

In practice, it translates to groovy, rock/grunge based tracks that have received a punk treatment. There's a nice amount of dirty distortion to the guitars which makes them vibrate in an appealing way, and because all the songs are medium tempo or slower, the overall vibe I'm getting is a fresh one. Different from my usual punk rock appetite, at least. All four tracks are good, so it'll be interesting to see if they'll be able to keep it up on a future full length. Please don't disband Shook Ones though, I love that band.


Download: Citizen's Arrest
For the fans of: The Distillers, Hole
Listen: Myspace

Release date 08.02.2011

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