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The Muddy Reds specialize in a style of rock music that's rarely heard or even played on this side of the pond: soulful, chilled out, bluesy kind that encompasses an easy-going classic southern state vibe. Their new album "Mannequin" is essentially a refreshing retrospective look into the 60s and 70s without sounding dated, thanks to a ton groovy twang on the guitar and an overall sound that draws heavily from old school Americana.

What this amounts to on the record is lots of harmonica-fueled passages that recall scenes from your classic Western flicks, particularly those where you see a lonesome cowboy sitting outside a nearby saloon, bathing in the unforgiving sun of the desert without a soul in sight as everyone is avoiding the mid day sun. Such scenery is only fortified during the many southern jams you'll find on the record, but most of all it is brought by the excellent harmonica passages which are really the highlight of "Mannequin". Much credit should be given where credit is due, as the artist almost single-handedly transforms The Muddy Reds into something a little different from their peers through his classic Wild West-esque sections.

Overall though, "Mannequin" leaves something more to be desired especially in the form of its production. While the slightly unpolished touch allows for the ranch-flavored sound on the record, it unfortunately also leaves especially the vocals a little unclear in the mix. Moreover, the songs tend to hit bullseye or miss the target completely. "Flophouse" opens strong, both parts of "Wake Up" are excellent, but there are a number of tracks that don't really make an impression. It's a decent and interesting effort in bringing back blues and Americana to rock'n'roll big time, but more is needed to leave a lasting effect on the listener.

Download: Flophouse, Wake Up (parts 1 & 2)
For the fans of: Dirty Sweet, a bluesy & harmonica driven version of The Gaslight Anthem
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 08.10.2010

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