Mountains For Clouds

Some People Buy Scenery Like This EP

Written by: DR on 07/02/2011 01:26:20

When you think of Count Your Lucky Stars, you think of indie music. Not just any kind of indie music, but bands at the heart of the 90s emo-revival movement that just seems to have taken off in recent years. You may not usually think of post-rock - despite a certain band named Moving Mountains being on the roster - but that's exactly what we have here in the form of Mountains For Clouds.

They're not your average crescendo-core wannabes though, which in some ways is the most instantly appealing aspect of this EP for it's something different. Those bands, if not great, have a tendancy to become predictable and even mundane, but MFC sidestep that by drawing the odd indie influence from label-mates, and even incorporating a few surprises of their own. Explosions In The Sky and The Appleseed Cast are obvious points of reference, but MFC like to condense their songs so they're about four or five minutes in length, resulting in music that is less 'challenging'. However, it's not very rewarding. The lo-fi production doesn't fit in with their sound, especially on songs that try so hard to come across as demonstrations of their ability to create textures, like "This Island Is Death" where the fuzzy guitars, lurking sombre piano and simple game-inspired electronics aren't tight enough.

Along with the production, another stumbling block is how this trio don't quite seem to have found their feet yet in regards to what sound they are striving for. "Sounds On Paper" is the stand-out track, largely due to the math-y guitars creating a floating atmosphere, as opposed to other, inferior songs where they take a more fuzzy, noise-drenched route. I'm yet to mention that "Some People Buy Scenery Like This" is a debut EP though - the first thing this band has ever released, so it would be remiss of me to expect the finished article instead of seeing the potential here. And there defintely is potential here.

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For The Fans of: The Appleseed Cast, Explosions In The Sky, Last Lungs, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
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Release Date 21.09.2010
Count Your Lucky Stars

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