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...To The Pit

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At first glance you could be forgiven for mistaking The Prophecy^23 (no idea what the 'to the power of 23' is all about) for another American crossover thrash band looking to ride the wave brought about by Municipal Waste and their beer-bonging, body-boarding party thrash. The album title and artwork certainly suggest a band with nothing but a good ol' fashioned thrashin' on their mind. However this group of upstarts are in fact from Germany and hitting play on "...To The Pit" reveals something a bit more interesting than initially expected.

That's not to say anything revolutionary is going on here, but The Prophecy^23 play what they describe as 'brutal thrash metal' - which in reality translates to a mix of tough thrash and chunky death metal. What is notable is the fact the distinction between the two genres is fairly well defined in the band's sound - largely down to the use of both crossover-style vocals and deathly yet understandable growls and screams. Rather than being a thrash band that throws in the odd grunt or a DM band that has a few thrashy riffs, The Prophecy^23 marry both styles in varying proportions throughout the album - yet manage to not sound too schizophrenic.

Sometimes sounding like a mix of Municipal Waste, more recent Testament and, say, Bloodbath., "...To The Pit" is spread across 13 tracks that range from the more 'cartoonish' thrashers like "A Backpack Full Of Fleshsnacks" to songs such as "Immortal Attitude" that drop the thrashiness for the most part in favour of the death metal side of The Phrophecy^23's personality. As may be expected, the playing is tight and the production job crisp; luckily being backed up by some decent and catchy tunes. Proceedings can get a bit samey and trimming the track-listing by a few songs wouldn't have been the worst idea in the world but this album provides a good, if unessential, bit of 'brutal' listening.


Download: Brutal Thrash Maniacs, A Backpack Full Of Fleshsnacks, Human Decay
For The Fans Of: Thrash and Death Metal

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Release Date 17.07.2010
Massacre Records

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