Shave The Planet

Written by: PP on 18/08/2006 17:11:53

Thank Heavens bands like Guttermouth still exist in punk rock who aren't explicitly politically aligned. It's bands like them that give you that much needed break from the anti-war coalition of bands, and the same-formula following pop punk bands. During their 17-year career Guttermouth has never been nothing but a big joke (on purpose). They are clowns both on stage, off stage, and on record, they're known for their attempts to insult anyone and everyone at all times, and for bad mouthing nearly every band that has ever been on Warped Tour together with them. On record, they 'sing' about the most random things you'll come across, or how does an excerpt from "My Chemical Imbalance", a song from their newest album "Shave The Planet" sound to you: "I got no life, no ambition. I GOT AUTISM. BLRBLRBLRBLR." Mark sings, sighs, mumbles, speaks like a retard and uses soared vocals to deliver what must be the strangest vocal combination you will come across on an album.

The lyrics revolve around idiocy like same-sex parents who try to drug their son because he's peeing in the corner of his room thinking about everything and nothing at the same time, or like "The 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby Crash", which literally is a ridiculous off-tune attempt at rhyming things with 'Crash'. Another song ("Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes") talks about a guy who burns his house down because his "kids are screaming, wife is nagging and dog is barking".

Artistically, the album is like straight out of the punk rock ABC: fast power chords, fast-paced drumming and semi-soared vocals. Like their previous albums, "Shave The Planet"'s instrument work comes across just as a platform for the band to joke around and offend as many people as possible with as little intelligence involved as possible. In the short run, this is awesomely funny and is guaranteed to make you laugh at their miserable attempts of jokes, but it gets old and irritating far too fast. Regardless, it'll likely be among the most unique albums you'll have heard.


Download: My Chemical Imbalance, Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes
For the fans of: Ten Foot Pole, The Vandals, early NOFX
Listen: 6 songs @ Purevolume

Release date 22.08.2006
Volcom Entertainment

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