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Live In The Lou/Bassassins

Written by: PP on 06/05/2005 01:42:57

Story Of The Year's live album from their November 2004 show at St Louis, Missouri is everything a good live album should be. It captures the sound and atmosphere in the sold out venue surprisingly well. It is easy to hear the crowd singing along the most popular songs, and at quieter times it is even possible to hear individual girls screaming from the top of their lungs for the vocalist Dan. So why have I given this album such a low grade? Personally I don't think that a 10 track live performance is worth spending the amount normally equivalent to a studio album, especially if you own both the EP and the full length album by them. Also, it is unacceptable that Dan misplaces vocals in their absolutely most known song "Anthem Of Our Dying Day". Basically what happens is that he sings the pre-chorus and sings "That's.." 2 seconds too early, and has to correct it right after. Sad but true. Otherwise, the song material is quite a bit rougher than on the studio efforts. More screaming, and many songs are played twice the speed than on the studio albums. This is an album to purchase for those who are the lifetime fans of Story Of The Year, but it doesn't offer much to the regular rockfreak.


Download: Anthem Of Our Dying Day

For the fans of: Story Of The Year, The Used

Release date 10.05.2005


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