Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder

Written by: PP on 30/01/2011 06:13:18

Atlanta three-piece Royal Thunder will immediately draw comparisons to artists like Spinnerette (Brody Dalle), Juliette Lewis, Melissa Auf Der Maur and other groups and artists within the realm of rock fronted by female vocals. The chick from this group happens to share a similarly powerful and soulful voice as all of the aforementioned women, and she isn't afraid to use it on their self-titled debut to create a particular kind of mood and atmosphere to the record: film noir.

Heavy version of film noir, that is, because other than the vocals the band's sound is firmly rooted in groove and experimental sludge, though nowhere near as muddy or messy as most bands in the latter genre. There's a much greater leaning on the pop element in the 80s/early 90s sense, evident especially in the wails of Miny Parsonz that have a little bit of a scratchy base to them for added character. Although the other two members of the band put up impressive displays of mood-setting groove and distorted sludge, it is really Parsonz who steals the show with her vocal work. She owns a little bit of swagger in her voice that draws parallels to Courtney Love from her early 90s Hole days, full of confidence and skill but still sounding just enough like a train wreck to make it all appear so rock and roll.

Of the artists mentioned, however, Royal Thunder are probably closest to Spinnerette, but they're not too far off from the experimentalist nature of Juliette Lewis' latest record, or even the disappointing Melissa Auf Der Maur record from last year. The difference to all three, however, is that Parsonz's voice enables Royal Thunder to emit a classy, aristocratic charm to their songs, like a combination of cabaret-like atmosphere with a light metal base. That alone makes the band sound better by comparison, and given the soul/pop vibe found in the songs despite experimentalist behaviour all around, Royal Thunder's debut can be said to be a great success.


Download: Low, Mouth Of Fire
For the fans of: Spinnerette, Juliette Lewis, Melissa Auf Der Maur
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Release date 12.12.2010

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