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Hold Grudges, Not Hands EP

Written by: PP on 28/01/2011 01:41:18

E is for Explosion, but it is also for emo, at least when it comes to this band and their funnily titled EP "Hold Grudges, Not Hands". Bands take note here: quirky names and record titles like this one draw interest from curious souls like myself, having checked out this record solely because the name and title combined sounded, well, charmingly stupid. It turns out it wasn't a bad choice, considering this band is apparently fronted by the former JamisonParker singer/guitarist Jamison Covington.

As you might imagine, an EP carrying a title like "Hold Grudges, Not Hands" is largely based on introspective original emo, with quiet, yet emotionally quirky vocal lines supplemented by simple chord based instrumentation. But that's not all there is to this band, as heavy parallels are also drawn to shoegaze and dream pop, given the light and floating soundscapes Mr Covington imposes on his songs. References to Weezer can also be drawn on at least two out of four tracks on offer, but at its heart, this is an original emo release with lighter soundscapes than we're normally exposed to within the genre. Undeniably its best part is Covington's vocals, as he packs a hell of an emotionally charged punch to his clean vocals. He sounds angsty, yet strangely tranquil and accepting, though his lyrics are rather juvenile about "girl left me boohoo" and that sort of thing all the way through. Still, the melodies are strong and should appeal to any JamisonParker fan, for sure.


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For the fans of: JamisonParker, old Weezer
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Release date 25.11.2010
Eyeball Records

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