The Rising Tide Part 2: Hear No Evil

Written by: PP on 27/01/2011 22:16:23

London, UK-based Djevara have been releasing albums for a couple of years now, with "The Rising Tide" being their third album overall. For a reason not disclosed to this scribe at least, the band chose to split the record into two EPs, the second of which "Hear No Evil (Part 2)" is up for grabs as of a few days ago. Now, it's of course extremely difficult to judge the whole album based on hearing only half of it, so bear with me, as I dissect through the disc.

It seems that Djevera draw a ton of influence from the explosive, yet subtle post-hardcore tendencies of bands like Refused, Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu, adopting that raw post-hardcore format into more of an alternative rock platform instead. There are still some feisty and crunchy distorted riffs that push the band towards Deftones-esque material (minus the vocals), "20/20" being the prime example with some experimental nu-metallish riffs and chords. Occasionally, you might be drawn to compare the band to Incubus on "S.C.I.E.N.C.E"-era, though Djevara are somewhat more restrained in their expression, not deviating away from their alternative rock core sound.

As a whole though, Djevara have a long ways to go before they reach a status anywhere near their inspirations. The songs are raw and passionate, but lack a red thread that'd keep the listener consistently interested. The vocal lines are angry, but yet not memorable enough in terms of rage and/or execution to stick to the mind of the listener. For now, they sound like c sides of their idols, but hopefully this will change on future releases.


Download: 20/20
For the fans of: Drive Like Jehu, Refused, Fugazi
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Release date 24.01.2011
Genin Records

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