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Norway's Weh, or rather the mastermind behind it known as Erik E, has chosen an interesting way to introduce himself to the international markets: round-up all the old demos and other recordings from between 2002 and now, shove them all on a deluxe edition double disc, and release it as "Origins", over two hours and forty-five songs worth of music in one package. In other words, a reviewer's nightmare. Nevertheless Weh (or Erik) has managed to impress me thoroughly with acoustic folk in consistent quality throughout the two discs.

The promo blurb states that Weh is "about acoustic music, trying to channel the dark emotions and hopefully succeeding in doing so". It's quite an accurate statement, but to that I'd add that Erik's acoustic folk brings into mind vivid landscapes of largely unexplored cedar/fir forests and indigenous tribes living by the rules of the nature, surrounded by bewilderingly beautiful lakes and ponds in their thousands. Aerial pictures of Canada, Sweden, Norway or Finland come to mind constantly while listening to the record. All of this is achieved through very simple means: a mere acoustic guitar and deep baritone vocals. Very rarely some shrieks and growls are added in as an intriguing contrast to the soft acoustic folk soundscapes, a contrast I certainly haven't run across very often in the past.

It is this contrast, alongside a penchant for writing honest and believable folk songs that makes Weh stand out. The songs are breathtaking in their beauty and mood, a commendable detail considering how little instrumentation and vocals is used overall. And this, my friends, is what separates good folk/singer-songwriters from the bad ones, the ability to pack emotion and to create interesting soundscapes full of beauty. Some do it lyrically, like Frank Turner, and others do like Erik E on the Weh songs. Actually, a sharp listener can imagine Frank Turner to sound like this if he played introspective Scandinavian acoustic folk concentrating on the spirit of nature and its meaning in today's life instead of pissed off punk-influenced folk. Recommended for any fan of acoustic music.


Download: Hang 'Em High, Ruin, The Justice Song
For the fans of: Woodland Choir, Loitsu, Oathless
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Release date 10.12.2010
Soulseller Records

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