Muerte Por Mil Cortes

En El Nombre Del Panico

Written by: PP on 21/01/2011 19:38:29

Muerte Por Mil Cortes, or Death By A Thousand Cuts as their name translates to in English, are a Spanish quintet who sent us a digital promotional pack with their new album "En El Nombre Del Panico", in which they've labeled the genre ID3 tag as "Death grind hardcore". On paper, it's an intriguing mixture of genres which, if combined properly, could yield something unique and original should the band be able to integrate an equal slice of each into a structured sound. Especially when they claim bands like Napalm Death, Nasum, Morbid Angel, Slayer, At The gates, Neurosis as their biggest influences.

In practice, however, their idea of "Death grind hardcore" roughly translates into a gray area between standard deathcore and extreme metalcore. Deathcore, because of the pig squeals and intricate instrumentation delivered at death metal speeds carry that same modern vibe as almost every band in the genre, and metalcore, because occasionally they stray away from the generic breakdown obsessed formula into real riffs, as inspired by their heroes in At The Gates. Melody is not abundant, however, as the majority of time Muerte Por Mil Cortes concentrates on contrived brutality and rather unsurprising rendition of deathcore in general.

That's okay though, because their expression is at about what I consider the standard in the deathcore genre: an entertaining and interesting one, but one that is a little too afraid to push the envelope or to innovate beyond the typical metrics used in the genre. Classic metal heads will decry their modern, slightly mechanical production, but the truth is you can't deliver this genre without crystal clear precision audible perfectly in the soundscape. Muerte Por Mil Cortes might not have nailed the production 100%, but it's good enough for this disc nonetheless. I've never heard growling in Spanish, however, so that was an interesting experience at the very least.

Download: El Nombre Del Panico, No Muertos
For the fans of: Martyr Defiled, deathcore in general
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Release date Summer 2010

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