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Calamity Circus

Written by: PP on 21/01/2011 19:20:45

I guess you could call General Chaos a semi-supergroup of sorts, given their lineup consists of Hendrik Bache and Flo Mueller on guitar from Dew-Scented, complemented by Antek and Henrik from Revolver, both respected bands near the upper tier of the metal echelon. So what's the resulting sound from suck a cocktail? Apparently a sound rather far-fetched from the origins of either band. General Chaos call it "death rock", but in reality its closer to medium tempo hardcore with a little bit of influence from the likes of Pantera thrown in for good measure.

Instrumentally, General Chaos mostly hold themselves to a hybrid version of metal and hardcore. Not crossover, mind you, but a distinct form of three chord riffage that has a metallic base and saucy soloing and grooves added. The vocals are barked just like your traditional hardcore vocalist does, and when combined, you get an album like "Calamity Circus", an extremely dense, thick, and heavy breed of hardcore sure to appeal to both metal heads and hxc kids alike. Some melody is splashed in during songs like "Screen Berets" to keep the expression varied, and rightly so, because it adds so much depth into their songs, which otherwise would be in danger of sound like a monotone affair.

This is all well and good, but despite a rock solid sound, "Calamity Circus" isn't a spectacular album. It's merely a good record, one that doesn't surprise but doesn't leave its listener in disappointment either. Wouldn't mind popping this on for a casual listen sort of thing, but not one you'll seek out as such.

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Release date 12.11.2010
Cyclone Empire

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