The Two Chief World Systems

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My coverage of good albums missed in 2010 continues with a return back to Australia, this time to Sydney precisely, where Lungs are located, a technical melodic punk band who released their sophomore album "The Two Chief World Systems" a few months ago. It's yet another sign that the punk scene in Australia is healthier than ever, with bands like Wiseheimer, Anchors and many others flying the flag high in the country, but unfortunately to little fanfare or acclaim from outside. That's why we scour the scenes for good bands, so you don't have to.

Essentially, Lungs can be viewed as Propagandhi version two. Crystal clear production leaves the soundscape tight, allowing their extremely technical guitars to have maximum effect. Late last year we heard Dutch group Antillectual try their skills at the same trade, but while they opted for a more calm and intricate approach, Lungs go all out on aggression and speed throughout the album. Their vocalist sounds exactly like Chris Hannah, utilizing similar frenetically exploding vocal melodies on top of the frantic instrumentation, so the comparison is fairly obvious, as hinted above.

This, however, is not a negative aspect about Lungs. Their rendition of technical punk rock works because of constant tempo switches from breakneck speed to the slower approach as championed by Antillectual creates unique melodic moments that dwell on the listener in length. At times, it means you're listening to a cleaner version of A Wilhelm Scream, or a band heavily inspired by the likes of Belvedere. In any case, "The Two Chief World Systems" is a solid, aggressive technical punk rock album sure to appeal to the fans of the bands mentioned below.


Download: The Making Of Phineas Gage,
For the fans of: Propagandhi, Antillectual, Belvedere
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Release date 17.08.2010
Poison City Records

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