Dirt In The Skirt

Written by: TL on 18/01/2011 23:34:52

Okay you guys, it's mystery promo time! "Dirt In The Skirt" by BugGirl, is an album that's been lying around my place for Idon'tknowhowlong, and at no point in time have I known anything about it, about the band BugGirl, or about who sent it to me. Maybe the album arrived in the mail without promotional information, maybe I've misplaced it while drunk, or maybe aliens took it. I don't know, but between the album's title and the bare-breasted-woman-featuring back cover, I figured it would probably be some sort of booze-fueled rock'n'roll record.

Turns out I was right, sort of, and then not really. I hadn't expected what the name implied, namely that I would be hearing a woman singing lead when I finally got around to giving the disc a spin. And she doesn't just sing lead, she also plays the guitar, in what turns out to be an Australian two-person band. The style is mainly rockabilly, married with loads of elements from the real old days of rocknroll. We're talking elements that sound familiar to music by Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, with AC/DC and The Rolling Stones being some of the most modern bands I come to think of listening to the record (Granted though, I haven't heard much rockabilly, nor have I been very impressed with what I have heard).

Anyway, I mentioned Jerry Lee Lewis, but don't you go expecting to hear a piano on here, or even a bass for that matter, as there are only drums and guitar involved instrumentally, and you bet it makes for rather thin listening experience. One that isn't exactly complimented much by the vocals of the band's frontwoman, who sounds like she's trying to sound like either Brian Johnson or Steven Tyler. Personally, I'm not much impressed with her result, nor with her lyrics in songs like "Rock N Roll Ain't A Crime". There are only two circumstances under which you should ever write a song about the rocknroll lifestyle: 1) you're in a band called AC/DC or 2) you're in a band called KISS. The topic is just about the biggest cliché of all time, and unless you want your band to be one as well, I suggest trying to come up with something more profound.

Overall though, it doesn't seem like BugGirl really have much else to offer than the thin mixture you get, when you try to cook up the same old clichés with only two instruments and one vocal expression for ingredients. It's not music so terrible that it wouldn't entertain you if nothing else was available, but whenever something is, there's a more than decent chance that something will be more interesting than "Dirt In The Skirt".

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For The Fans Of: The Living Ends, rockabilly, AC/DC
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Release Date 05.07.2010
Impedance / Cargo

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