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Lone Wolves

Written by: PP on 18/01/2011 19:43:23

Finally a hardcore band from the European scene that dares to deviate from the monotone format celebrated and copied by at least a thousand bands across the continent. The band in question is My City Burning from Amsterdam, Holland, whose debut album "Lone Wolves" should appeal to those who enjoy pumping their fists in the air while maniacally rushing around circle pits at hardcore shows in small to medium-sized venues - for this is an album designed to be played live, but not in tiny basement venues. The songs are better than that.

My City Burning take their cues from Terror and similar bands, as you'll hear in the tight, bruising riffing and the harsh hardcore bark of their vocalist. But they expand on the limited sound by removing the confined, tiny space feeling so many bands in the genre have, opening up the soundscape for a bigger and better sound. This allows for injections of subtle pieces of melody in the vein of Comeback Kid's "Broadcasting...", but also for melodic gang shouts and very, very recognizable riffs. Together, these elements alone serve to make My City Burning's sound just that much more appealing for the non xhardcorex music fans, but more importantly, the songwriting is consistently high quality, which manifests in the form of songs that you can actually distinguish from one another. Anyone listening to hardcore will tell you that's a rare feat in the genre, and one the band should be commended for.

It's difficult to point a finger at just one detail that makes My City Burning's take on hardcore so much more enjoyable than the norm. It's a combination of great riffs, a strong sense of urgency, a ferocious, passion-driven approach to the style, and great, non-monotone vocals that make this album a good one. Comes strongly recommended to all hardcore fans.


Download: The Hardest Part Is Letting Go, Broken Thrones
For the fans of: Terror, All For Nothing, Lionheart, Final Prayer
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Release date 08.10.2010
I Scream Records

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