Bad Juju

Written by: PP on 18/01/2011 18:29:45

The next stop on my journey of covering releases we missed in 2010 takes me to Melbourne, Australia, where we'll find an awesome high-octane melodic hardcore band called Anchors, who released their debut full length "Bad Juju" a couple of months ago. Now this is a band that any fan of aggressive, uncompromising melodic hardcore should take note of, as no frills, no trends, and no bullshit pretty much sums up their approach to the genre.

They sport a near-identical sound to Strike Anywhere, but the good news is that Anchors emulate the best material from those guys. The vocalist sounds a great deal like Thomas Barnett, exploding into his vocal lines with fiery passion, combining an overall melodic delivery with a harsh edge likely to appeal both to the melodic punk and hardcore kids alike. Some guitar lines take inspiration from old Rise Against records, elsewhere a more technical approach akin to A Wilhelm Scream is used, but the red thread is constantly kept at breakneck speed melodic hardcore.

Anchors offer no breathers to the listener. All songs are lightning speed, aggressive punches to the face, with strong focus on memorable melodies and energetic vocals delivered in about thirty minutes overall. That's a perfect length for an album like this, as any shorter would make the listener want more, and 5-10 minutes longer would mean the album is over staying its welcome. Because lets face it, Anchors don't offer much variety on the record. They sound just like Strike Anywhere, but given the strong melodies and formidable energy levels present on the record, that's okay, as long as the record isn't too ling. Good stuff.


Download: Stay Frosty, We Are Oscar Mike, Ill Glory
For the fans of: Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream, Hear The Sirens, Protagonist
Listen: Myspace

Release date 06.11.2010

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