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If there's one genre whose existence I've always failed to comprehend or to appreciate, it would be darkwave. Darkwave, it seems, is almost entirely based on ambiance and ultra ultra ultra experimentation, with most bands I've ran across appearing and sounding more like avant-garde art projects than actual attempts of creating music for other people to enjoy. It seems that Denmark shares my notion about the genre, as the amount of listeners Darkwave has in here doesn't even qualify it for a niche genre status. In fact, it won't even qualify as a niche of a niche of a niche, simply because nobody, nobody at all to my knowledge, would ever find darkwave an interesting enough listen over here. Alas, neither do I, and the idea of me sitting through an entire 71 minutes and 21 tracks of stuff by people who released awful albums such as this one or that sounds even remotely like this one is just not going to happen.

In all fairness, I did give it a shot, but I got to approximately track ten before I found it to be a complete waste of my time given none of our readers would be even remotely interested in this stuff. So I'll just summarise my findings in a nutshell and take on the heat for being extremely biased when it comes to Canaan and their record "Contro.Luce": imagine listening to experimental traditional italian pop music, not too much unlike Mike Patton's Mondo Cane project, except the cultural references have been mowed down by idiotic gothic ambiance. The vocal-induced tracks are bad enough to endure through, but then Canaan have the audacity to separate each vocal-driven track with all-instrumental interludes titled simply as ".", "..", "...", "...." and so forth, where they go for an industrial-meets-oriental sound experiment. I just don't get the point. It doesn't sound good, it's just ambiance, ambiance, and more ambiance, sugar-coated with an avant-garde atmosphere that really isn't very artistic or interesting at all.

It's a complete waste of time and makes the album about twice as long as it really should be. When combined with the fact that the vocally driven tracks fall into the category of "please never force me to go through with that again", especially highlighting "Terrore" here by the way, I have no chance but to let the hammer fall, once again, and hope this prevents more darkwave material landing on my review desk in the next few thousand years or so. Sorry guys, this just isn't going to cut it in 2011's staggering amount of music variety to choose from.


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Release date 14.01.2011
Eibon Records

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