Torn To Shreds

Written by: PP on 17/01/2011 01:24:35

The age-old English idiom don't judge a book by its cover certainly doesn't apply to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-based Spew. Looking at the artwork alone will give you a good indication of the sort of torture your ears will have to go through in the span of nine songs that make up "Torn To Shreds", their first record. Prepare for the mighty PP review ax to fall with little mercy.

According to their own words and nonsensical grammar, Spew's "songs are punk influenced thrash about partying, drinkin and shit that pisses us off like cops and religion but not being preachy, Spew is definitely not PC", a statement that summarises exactly what this band is about, but forgets one essential detail: Spew's songs are fucking stupid. Or how would you rate a crossover song with sub-par production (in 2011, you have no excuse) that tries to imitate the likes of Municipal Waste with ingenious lyrics like "heading to the liquor store, walking past drug heads and whores [...] it's friday night, gotta get my dick wet" on "Friday Night"? The whole album is riddled with incredibly juvenile and, frankly, ridiculously dumb lyricism that won't entertain anyone past puberty, but that's the least of their problems.

The instrumentals are loose, sounding like they are out of sync far too often, the vocalist is terrible, the riffs copied from other bands...really there is nothing here to come after, even if crossover "thrash punk" (or whatever) happens to be your favorite genre. With almost no redeeming factors present, I have no choice but to apply our rating scale strictly and go with the definition: "2 - Poor: These are usually records where a band fail miserably at what they are trying to pull off."


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For the fans of: lo-fi quality of Municipal Waste, The Exploited
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Release date 2009

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