Mirror of Deception

A Smouldering Fire

Written by: EW on 16/01/2011 22:40:15

As pleasant and inoffensive as doom can get it my assumption of "A Smouldering Fire", Mirror of Deception's fourth studio album in a 20 year existence. Had an album of this kind come out in the thrash, black, heavy or death metal worlds its genre-middle-of-road heard-it-all-before nature would result in an instant panning, but being a less saturated genre and the fact true doom always tends to sound plainly honest I find more willingness to accept these German's virtues. Hugely similar to Doomshine and Dawn of Winter as virtual (and I assume, willing) genre tribute acts all three are capable bands with which to introduce someone to the genre of doom metal but on the basis of this entire record, MoD exist as a group purely playing the music they love with no delusions of grandeur. That all three come from Germany is absolutely no coincidence I can assure you.

Besides the pleasantness of interlude songs "Heroes Of The Atom Age" and "Leguano" and the strongly Primordial-esque "Bell Wethers In Mist" and "Unforeseen" there is little else to generate great levels of excitement in someone who sits a good friend of classic Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Warning and Trouble works, to name just a few of Mirror of Deception's influences. The slow pace of doom overrides all with a sad despondent air imbuing tracks like "Sojourner" and "Isle Of Horror" of the kind that comes to be expected from even a half-decent doom act and clean passionate vocals that recall Warning's incredible Pat Walker without descending in the soul-emptying pity he revelled in.

Consider "A Smouldering Fire" support act status. Your favourite band comes to town and while the excitement is building a local band warm up the audience with a solid, if unspectacular performance that highlights the greatness of the night's headliner. Mirror of Deception are that support band.

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For The Fans Of: Warning, Dawn of Winter, Doomshine
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Release date: 15.10.2010
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