Bourbon River Bank

Written by: GR on 16/01/2011 20:11:47

A quick check of the ever-useful Metal Archives reveals there are/were at least ten bands with the name Corruption, most of them playing death or thrash metal. Standing out amongst them and being the band in question here is Corruption from Poland, who have been around since 1991 and kick out stoner rock/metal with cowboy hats, leather vests and beards intact.

"Bourbon River Bank" is their 6th album and purports to be "13 tracks of catchy stoner rock guitar spree for fans of Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Mustasch and Orange Goblin". Add in some Southern vibes and it pretty much does what it says on the tin: big groovy riffs, drawling vocals (albeit with an accent belying their geographical origins) and tunes about booze, women and more booze. Nothing original on offer then, but as a couple of my colleagues have mentioned in recent reviews, the old adage of "if it aint broke..." comes to mind. Corruption know what they and their fans like and after nearly 20 years things aren't about to change much.

As such, this isn't an album that's going to blow any minds but fans of the genre will find good value in the songs on offer. Some may have titles such as "Hell Yeah!" which reek of cliché but the song-writing throughout is strong enough for you to simply crack open a cold one and enjoy the ride. The guitar work in particular is worthy of mention, with some excellent mid-tempo riffs in the grand stoner rock tradition fuelling tracks like personal highlight "Devileiro", as well as speedier rockers like "Engines". It seems unlikely that Corruption will gain much wider recognition outside of their homeland (where they apparently have a strong following) on the back of "Bourbon River Bank" but it'll make a decent soundtrack to drinking whiskey, shooting some pool and riding big ol' motorbikes.


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For The Fans Of: Black River, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, COC

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Release Date 17.05.2010
Mystic Production

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