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The Soundtrack From The Movie

Written by: PP on 16/01/2011 17:26:11

Zombie Driftwood is a supposedly hilarious, entirely tongue-in-cheek comedy about a bunch of cruise ship tourists turning into zombies and two metal fans having to battle against them using only a baseball bat, booze and apparently bagpipes on a tropical island. Not the most serious of topics, but from what I've read in reviews people have found its low-budget humour quite funny since its November premiere date, some calling it the funniest zombie movie since "Shaun Of The Dead". It's only appropriate that such a film is accompanied by a metal soundtrack, and unlike the film's budget, no cost has been shared to hire some of the most exciting black metal bands around.

With a lineup featuring bands like October File, Ihsahn, Absu, Emperor, Abigail Williams, Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, Demonic Resurrection and a number of other highly esteemed and critically acclaimed acts from the black metal universe, "The Soundtrack From The Movie", as the OST is named for some reason, features a great variety of black metal ranging from the conventional and brutal through the experimental and creative to the symphonic and melodic. Quality is sky-high given the roster consists entirely of Candlelight Records recording artists, with each artist contributing an excellent track of black metal madness to accompany the film. For a metal compilation, they rarely come as stacked with superb bands as this soundtrack, major thumbs up to the movie producers for their decision.


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Release date 20.12.2010
Candlelight Records

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