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10.000 Horses

Written by: TL on 16/01/2011 15:50:40

With most of the promos that I've had lying around for too long, I haven't really had any reasonable explanations for why these promos in particular had been left for last, but with "10.000 Horses", I'm pretty sure my passing the record over has to do with the band being named Voodoo Johnson. Is it just me or is that name a little lame? Regardless, between that, the album's title and cover, something in my brain told me that this would be some kind of old-fashioned country-rock record, and as that thought lacked appeal, the record was repeatedly passed over in favour of other cd's.

That ought to tell you something about the value of packaging, because my preconceptions weren't exactly dead on the money. As it turns out, Voodoo Johnson are in fact a rather modern and commercial sounding hard rock act, that I am inclined to describe as a youthful, up-beat version of Buckcherry. As one such, they are a capable and convincing bunch, if not an overly original one, with both soundscape and song-structures shaping up exactly the way you'd expect. Angry rhythms, pseudo-heavy riffs and larger-than-life choruses are the order of the day.

Now, a lack of originality isn't always a problem with me, as long as good songs are on offer, but while Voodoo Johnson are deploy solid dynamics and catchy choruses, they do still feel hindered, both by their 'heard-it-before' quality, and by some typically bone-headed lyrics for this kind of band (see for instance "Sin"). There are good news as well however, as VJ can pride themselves of a charismatic singer, and of getting things right when they occasionally soften up a little. The prime example of this being in album highlight "End Of An Empire", which is a perfectly enjoyable example of a Creed/Alter Bridge-style anthem.

Overall, I find "10.000 Horses" to be the kind of solid release, that will easily satisfy fans of its genre, even if it doesn't have the necessary personality to convert any nay-sayers. So if you like accessible, well-produced hard rock, and if you don't mind your bands named things like "Voodoo Johnson", then I guess this one is for you.


Download: End Of The Empire
For The Fans Of: Buckcherry, Aerosmith, Alter Bridge,
Listen: myspace.com/voodoojohnson

Release Date 23.08.2010
Polarian Records

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