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Driven By Hate

Written by: PP on 16/01/2011 14:26:16

Paris, France based Eight Of Spades were formed in 2004, and have since managed to release a debut full length and "Driven By Hate", their sophomore record. They specialize in rather simplistic form of punk'n'roll so I'll keep this short, as there isn't all too much to talk about here.

Basically, Eight of Spades have taken rock'n'roll as the premise, injecting hardcore/punk into it alongside healthy doses of crossover vibes to come up with a messy, unpolished, raw sound. Motörhead has been a huge influence alongside bands like The Hellacopters and even Sex Pistols, though Eight Of Spades don't exactly sound like any of those bands, just a product of their influences meshed together. That results into chant-along choruses and a tendency to lean on short, rock'n'roll solos as the interesting parts of their songs, but I have to admit I'm not very convinced by their output. A song like "Revolt" has punk rock energy and a pissed off spirit, "Destroy" adds some high-speed rockabilly to the guitar styles, but the songs just aren't good enough to make a solid impression on the listener. They rumble, they roll, and they speed through "Driven By Hate", and by the end all you have is a nice mix of rock'n'roll, punk rock, and hardcore, but nothing to rave about, other than stupidity like including girl moaning for an entire song ("Ride"), which is a good indication of what kind of people are behind this band and this record.

Download: Revolt, Destroy
For the fans of: Motörhead, Peter Pan Speedrock, Sex Pistols, The Hellacopters
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Release date 2010
Pervade Production

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